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Wow, so after all these years, I finally got an LJ thanks to my persistent friends...

I won't waste too much time introducing myself, other than to tell you that I'm an anime and game addict (but not really an otaku), an artist, and apparently occasionally a cat.
Yes, I am currently a university student, but apparently that doesn't mean I have a lot of time on my hands. In fact, with finals coming up, it seems like I have no time at all.
So, to get acquainted, here are a few of the anime and manga titles I love dearly:

Yu Yu Hakusho (an old favorite, one of my first anime)
Kare Kano (my favorite shoujo series of all time)
Yakitate! Japan (How can you NOT love it?)
Nodame Cantabile (just simply beautiful)
anything by CLAMP
Prince of Tennis
(hot guys playing tennis, what more do you need?)

The series that I'm currently following and will likely blog about in the future:

D. Gray-man (go Allen!)
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (hyper dying-will mode Tsuna is <3, and so is Hibari)
Nodame Cantabile (the manga) (I just love Nodame, what I can say?)
Vampire Knight (eh...the plot is really complicated, but I love the art)
Nabari no Ou (this is very new for me, but I loved the first episode)
Fairy Tail
Tsubasa Chronicles
Penguin Revolution
(too cute)
Special A (again, cute)
Gentleman's Alliance Cross (for the art, mostly)
Tokyo Majin (<3, <3 I don't know why people don't like this series)
Wallflower (simply hilarious)
Code Geass (come on, who doesn't love it?)

wow, looks like a big list, doesn't it? It is, and it's totally consuming my free time as a student! But I'm totally ok with that.
I also play a variety of games, mostly RPGs, and some PC games. So in truth, I'm just another lazy, average, anime-bum college student.
Nice to meet you!

Feel free to chat with me~
AIM: Jiriko
Devart: www.dark-angel-san.deviantart.com

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